Medical Care


As internists, much of our medical therapy is through the use of prescription medications. We strive to explain to you the rationale for our prescriptions and how to take them properly. We ask that you follow these directions as well as those of your pharmacist. If you think you are having problems with any medication, or if it is ineffective for your condition, please call us. If you are on more than three medications, or if you receive additional prescriptions from other doctors, please bring all your medications to your clinic appointments in their original containers. This helps us to keep track of how you are using the medication and if there is any potential for adverse drug-drug interactions. Refills are given for appropriate intervals, usually 12 months. We ask that you watch the supply so that you do not run out of refills before your next appointment. Please do not call us on weekends for refills unless it is an emergency. We do not refill any narcotic prescriptions after office hours.


We feel that a periodic internist physical is appropriate for an adult every 3 years, even if one does not have any known medical problems. Our physicals include blood tests such as a complete blood count to screen for anemia and bone marrow disorders, and a comprehensive chemistry panel to check for diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, etc. These are standard tests done by our peers around the country. We also do other tests as may be indicated by sex and age; for example, mammograms and prostate cancer blood screens. Electrocardiograms, cardiac stress tests and flexible sigmoidoscopies are done when appropriate and after examination and discussion with you.

Annual exams are done on patients who have a medical condition that requires regular prescription medication. Appropriate blood work is done ahead of time. Several conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, and cancer may require more than one visit per year. We rely on in-depth laboratory and x-ray analysis as well as clinical exam and history to make diagnoses and treatment plans. Prescriptions are then written for one year. Please allow 7 days for communication of laboratory and x-ray results, but if you do not hear from us within 2 week after a test, please call for results.


All of our physicians hospitalize at Elmbrook Memorial Hospital. In addition, Dr. Burkert cares for patients at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and Dr. Hassan oversees patients at The Wisconsin Heart Hospital. The charge for in-patient care is based on 24-hour coverage and includes medical history, examinations, orders, review of tests and maintenance of hospital records.


Medical records are the property of the clinic. Your personal medical record provides a history of treatment, medication, and diagnostic information that enables your health care team to make comprehensive medical evaluations. Contents are private and are released only with the written consent of the patient. We abide by the HIPAA guidelines as recently established. If you leave our care, we will make copies for your new physician. There will be a copying fee when an insurance company, government agency, attorney, or other entity requests copies of your record. When consultations are done for other physicians, a written report of our findings is forwarded to the referring physician. You can assist us in keeping your medical record up to date by listing our doctors as your primary/referring physician for any specialty or emergency care that you receive elsewhere.

Frequently employers or other agencies will ask our physicians to fill out forms or do paperwork that is not covered by insurance. Due to the time required to fill out these forms, there is a charge for this service.